The Double M Experience

"Double M Diamonds has a unique value rooted in dedication to bringing our clients exceptional quality diamonds and customer service."


Exceptional Service

The dedicated sales team at Double M Diamonds ensures an exceptional and personalized customer experience every time.
Passion and dedication best describe our philosophy in serving our clients. They work together to create a lasting partnership where both parties are successful.


Committed Experts

Every diamond that comes in our hands reflects the attention to detail we hold most important, from the diamonds point of origin, right to the moment it’s delivered to you.
We express our commitment to our clients by providing a tradition of quality, with cutting-edge tools and unparalleled professionalism.


A Guarantee You Can Count On

We pride ourselves on offering an inventory of genuine, all natural, non-treated, or enhanced diamonds. At Double M Diamonds, an honest description of each diamond and a fully transparent process gives us the ability to offer a 100% quality guarantee.


Builds Strong & Lasting Relationships

Double M Diamonds exceeds client expectations every day, and builds relationships based on trust, honesty, integrity, and transparency. Clients are treated like partners striving toward a common goal.
Double M Diamonds is committed to help you create a showcase that increases sales and makes your company more profitable.

"At Double M Diamonds, we have a great team and excellent service. Every transaction is smooth from start to finish. With our expert eyes, you’re assured that every diamonds are brilliantly chosen."